Learn how to improve your songwriting in the 10 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SONGS WITH CAFFEINE

In this article, I’ll be outlining the 10 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SONGS WITH CAFFEINE.

We all know caffeine is helpful for keeping you awake but it does much more than that and in this article, I’ll be going over some ways in which it can help YOU make better music today with these 10 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SONGS WITH CAFFEINE.

Caffeine’s 1 helluva drug.
  • Tip 1: Try snorting Caffeine Powder.
  • 2: It’s Much more potent than coffee on its own.
  • Tip 3: You can put it in ANY drink as it’s tasteless. just have it raw. (people even grind up bud and sprinkle caffeine powder on them. it gives them SO MUCH FOCUS)
  • Tip 4: It’s cheap and relatively safe. ( I get paranoia with bud but with caffeine, I’m fine)
  • You can buy 50 grams worth of caffeine tablets for £10 here.

Start the day with a cock Full of energy!

  • Tip 6: The average cup of coffee contains 64 MG (0.064g of caffeine per cup) that’s why office workers and desk honky’s always drinking coffee all the time.
  • Tip 7: $PLASHIOUS, who I interviewed here always sings praises of caffeine. He said he wouldn’t have been able to stay up all those long nights and focus on his album without it.
  • 8: My morning routine is quite a hipster. Don’t leave just yet because it really works!
  • Tip 9: I get up at 5 AM, have a cold shower to wake me up. I then go downstairs butt-naked because I love the earth and rub caffeine powder all over my cock!
  • 10: I THEN dip my erect penis into a cup of boiling water as to get the authentic musky tones and lock in the flavour. HMMMM! I love a good extra-mocha-latte-frappuccino cum-sandwich in the morning!.

” Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and it keeps me erect for 2 days straight and after the market crash, i regularly started jerking off to relieve stress. wake up at 5, sprinkle coffe on my amazon go and be done by 7 am. Mary help with the “Amazon package” sometimes and she wasn’t kidding about the express delivery.”

An Excerpt from Jeff Bezos: The Dotcom DickBanger also First Aired on CNBC, Circa 2004.



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