BOOKY ENDZ: The ENDZ are Booky!

booky endz

In this post, I’d like to take you on a journey with my new free beat: BOOKY ENDZ


The inspiration for this gritty and gripping beat came from my own experiences on the cold, hard unforgiving streets of Manchester; A place where no-one says hello and there’s no such thing as kindness. It’s a daily struggle just trying to survive in these rotten projects. the council don’t help us, the governments give us a fraction of what we SHOULD be entitled to, if at all. Universal Credit has failed us, Boris has failed us, just like Cameron and Tony Blair before him. Tony Blair, that DICKHEAD of a prime minister. Lets not forget Theresa may, the smelly batty crease. Feel free to use this beat as a way to vent your anger on the beaurochrisy and hypocrisy of the establishment.

Listen to the beat here.

I’ve made “Booky ENDZ” FREELY available on LBRY. LBRY is a block-chain-powered platform. It’s decentralised, meaning there’s no bias toward right and wrong and you hold all the rights to your creations!

On LBRY, you can upload pictures, videos, text files, videos and even HTML 5 games! Sign up with this link to get 100 free LBC credits.

Check out the blog here.

Themusicdrip started off as a side project. Just a place where i can put my beats and support it by ads or selling my music. So far, i have yet to meet these goals. So i may ask: If you like my content, or want to support someone living below the poverty line. Consider supporting me on LBRY. Alternatively, if you have anything you’d like to send me to review. Please contact me on instagram: L8prod and i’ll make it a reality with you support, affection and admiration.

Check out my instagram @L8PROD and let’s connect!

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