I needed a cheap music studio in manchester

When I wanted to record my track, I was broke and I had only a copy of Pirated (no pun intended) FL Studio and a laptop FULL of bangers to my name.

I had a problem though, I bought a decent mic off eBay and began a month-long frenzy of recording raps at home and writing, all while wrestling with background noise, unexpected walk-ins and tripping over the same wire that had allowed me to record while trying to keep the condenser level in my hand, no matter what I tried, everything turned out garbage, despite my fluid flows and tantalising techniques. I had decided enough was enough so I went searching and came across…

cheap music studio in manchester
A proffessional recording suite in Pirate Studios.

Pirate Studios is an automated, cheap recording studio for an evolving world.

I was scrolling through Instagram and it seems the spies at Facebook had heard my pleas as I was presented an ad for pirate studios touting ’24/7 rehearsal studios with all the equipment included.’ So I clicked it and signed up.

Booking A room

I was presented with a list of rooms I could book and cities where they have their studios in; Edinburgh to New York to Bristol to Cardiff, plus many more locations.

  • I scrolled down the list of rooms and looked specifically for a room that had a vocal booth and speakers.
  • I booked the room for Saturday and the available 12-1 pm timeslot, I could’ve booked more hours but only had a fiver to spare.
  • The screen after checkout with my access codes and they’d text me 2 hours before I arrive.

Booking my suite was quick and easy.

  • On the day, I hauled my behemoth of a laptop on to a tram bound for victoria station.
  • From there, I took a 15-minute walk down to Cheetham hill. Entered the code on the keypad of the door on the unassuming studio building surrounded by dodgy-looking factories.
  • When I got in, I was surprised to find out there was no staff.
  • I entered the keypad on the room I booked – at £5 an hour. And was amazed to find a pair of KRK speakers, a Focusrite interface and a very nice microphone. As well as a bunch of cables to charge my phone and a nice, large piano keyboard among other things.
  • Needless to say, I created an amazing track, no distractions, just me, my laptop and my music.

The track hasn’t been released yet but I’ll release it shortly. Check out this one while you wait.

After you’ve created your track, read this to get it on Spotify.


You can get a free studio session if you refer your friends, and they’ll also get a free tenner off if they refer someone. DO something with your life!

What are you waiting for? book a free studio session at any of their locations now: https://deck.piratestudios.co.uk/my/bookings

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Jason · December 17, 2019 at 10:09 pm

Yo. Thatz a live place. Ur da plugggg

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