Greatest Gun Songs of All Time

Greatest Gun Songs of All Time

Greatest Gun Songs of All Time

GreaGreatest Gun Songs of All Time- I gave you power:

“I Gave You Power” was produced by DJ Premier.[6] Executive producer Steve Stoute said it was a challenge getting both Premier and Nas in the studio thanks to idiosyncrasies in timetables, so when he did get them together, he left them alone for some time. Upon returning to the studio, he was so impressed with the results that he stole the cassette and put it in his car to listen to it, much to the chagrin of Nas, who promptly rung Premier, saying, “Where the fuck is my tape?” Stoute then drove back to Queensbridge to return it.

Greatest Gun songs of all time – TheMusicDrip

The lyrics of the song are from the first-person perspective of a gun [SIC: Projectile-based weapon that has been used for centuries]

Following a 2012 interview, Nas stated that at the time he wrote “I gave you power.” He was around a lot of guns and decided to rap about it, highlighting the brutal lives lived in lament worthy lodgings and decided to rap about it. At the time an aggressive beat was considered, but the ultimate song we now today was rapped over a beat with failing pianos and stuttering drums. Rolling stones writer and guy i’ve never heard of before, said this is one of the “greatest gun songs of all time.” – mark Coleman. The beat is ” spooky, jazz-fusion groove.”

Nas was originally not meant to say “like I’m a F- like I’m a gun, shit.” Tone of the truckmasters wanted to remove it but Nas kept it in so audiences would know it’s from the perspective of a raytraced weapon.

“I Gave You Power” is the first in a slew of songs in which Nas personifies an object. His song “Blood Diamond” [Circa 2006] was compared to “I Gave You Power” because of its use of gun personification. Other examples include “Money Is My Bitch”, “Last Words”, “Project Roach” and “Fried Chicken”.


Nas is a hugely influential rapper and his early work is still eerily relevant even today, almost like “nothin’ ain’t changed” [Kofi stone – nothin’ ain’t changed, i recommend you check it out.]

Between Nas, Mobb deep, Terra Firma and C. L. Smooth, i’d say that shaped my modern influences today. i guess, that’s why I’m writing this article. keep reading to the end to see the runner up, a completely different style, but in essence the same message as one of the greatest. Nas, from New York to Hong Kong, his music resonates with someone, somewhere.

When I’m empty, I’m quiet
Finding myself fiending to be fired

A broken safety, niggas place me in shelves, under beds
So I beg for my next owner to be a thoroughbred

Keeping me full up with hollow heads

Runner up

Youngs teflin, with his thought-provoking single – broken safety.

“The project’s centerpiece – “Broken Safety” – is the EP’s highlight. Produced by long-time collaborator Carns Hill, the track also receives some cinematic black-and-white visuals, written by Tef himself. Check them out here, and stream ‘Blood’ in full below.” – Versus Magazine


Comments from the video:

Unknown User

2 years agoThis hit man soon as the beat dropped !! Sadly to say !! This wont see the views it’s deserved !! … Young’s been hard from day !! The real ones know!! It’s not that’s he’s underrated he’s needs more recognition… it’s in a hard time for people like Young’s T.. benny banks joe black potter payper bam bam etc etc. REAL RAP DYING Young’s deffo top 5 keeping the flame alive … 🔥🔥🔥

Ma Du

2 years ago (edited)Imma say this again and again, UNDERATED TEFLON, props to the director too, his cinematography helped carry the message forward.

Rym izzah

2 years ago2019 Version of Nas – I gave you power I rate this Big up Tef


2 years agoThis one is too real, all the content Tef has given us and every time he puts his heart and soul into it…. its been full throttle from the get-go!!!

Abdosdaboss 1

2 years agoHow has this only got 71K views inshallah 2020 is gonna be youngs year he deserves it I think his lyrical content bads up ANY drill rapper going……hopefully he can leave road alone 2019 seems to be chickens coming home to roost for a lot of drill rappers they’re getting taken out left right and centre ngl

Not Dat Nice

2 years ago (edited)This is a compelling, well written song – Reality and stark. Firearms are no joke. This music video needs to reach the people being brainwashed by the bullshit in rap music culture today.

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