How do i start making music with no money?

how do i start making music?

So, you just listened to some banging beats and wrote a 16 to it. You think to yourself, “these are pretty fire”. Pull out the pots and pans and start making a racket. You begin to think more deeply on the matter. You begin to ask “How do i start making music with no money?” Searching YouTube, google for clues only to find you need at least £100 to buy fl studio. I’ll break down what i’d do if i had to start from scratch.

You don’t need to BUY anything yet. Just go to and download the free trial. I recommend experimenting. get a feel for the program, and when you’re ready, watch some tutorials. Scroll to the bottom to see the tutorials.

How can i start making music with no money?

Getting started with making music

Open up FL studio and right click any of the 4 default tracks, then click replace.

Plenty of sounds to get started.
FL keys

Choose FL Keys from the list., then close the new window that opens up.

FL studio’s piano roll is industry standard.

Right click on the FL Keys track and click piano roll.

Start composing, maestro.

left click to add in notes, right click to delete them. eventually, you’ll find something you like. comment your beats below when that happens.

If you want to learn hiphop, rap and lofi, check out J.Rent on youtube and my channel..

You can’t keep using stock drums forever and i got you covered. I got a FREE drumkit right here for all of you. and when you need help releasing your first album, check out this page where i show you how YOU can become an OFFICIAL artist on Spotify for free.

If i’ve helped you in any way, shape or form today, please share this post with your friends and anyone else who wants to get into music.

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