How to get on Spotify as an artist


One of the questions I get asked a lot is “how can I get on Spotify?” “How do I publish to apple music?” and, “How do I earn money from my music?” The answer is simple, I’ll tell you All about publishing, distributing your music to stores so you can get paid from your streams.

to do list:

If you have a song already, here’s what you’ll need to have

  • 3000 X 3000 Square Album art With Artist name or track name (Requirements for stores vary but 3000X3000 is a sweet spot)
  • Mixed and Mastered WAV file of your track (No mp3 and overly distorted sounds as it will be compressed hard)
  • Your artist name (you will find it hard to change your name after that, people will still know you by your old name a few years’ down the line)
  • Solid branding (Good graphics and promotions for adverts and to put on your socials. I make my own but good graphics designers are cheap on Fiverr.

Music distribution platforms like Distrokid and TuneCore allow independent artists to get their music on big platforms like Spotify, Deezer and apple music without being signed to a label or having “industry connections.” The issues with those mediators, however, is that they take a slice of the pie, they charge you monthly and take some of your revenue so you spend more time worrying about bills and reduced earnings and less time doing what you love!

Below is a platform that doesn’t take anything from you! They offer FREE music distribution and don’t take any royalties or revenue. they also have a record label, which they do profit off, which they scout out artists who are already on their music distribution service, but you can refuse the offer, keep your rights and still be an independent artist. click the link below to download the app and become your own artist.

Free app to get your music on Spotify

Music Distribution Platform here

Alternative Link


bruce · November 17, 2019 at 2:33 am

bro, thanks for dropping these gems! i think you’d like my music. ibby has been a big inspiration lately!

Leticiasoymn · November 22, 2019 at 3:47 am

your beats are fire

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