how to make 8d sound effect? First lets find out what 8D audio is.

What is 8D Audio8D audio is all about getting way deep into the music. It uses the power of left and right speakers through your headphones (though, it’s not exactly panning the audio.) similarly, giving you the feeling that you’re right there at the live show. Below is a featured 8D track i made, also put on some headphones and hear the difference:

An 8D track i made. a nice anime, too.

How Do i actually make 8D Audio music?

It’s not as simple as panning left and right. It’s the illusion of audio coming from above and below you and varying distances. “But i can hear the effect on my regular headphones. How is this possible?” It’s all done through software, my friend.

Using a 3D stereo panner, the audio is manipulated to make it sound like it’s rotating around your head, though of course, you only have two ears, and the audio is still just stereo. The effect is that your brain is tricked into thinking there’s more space than there actually is.

You’re gonna wanna use this free VST from sennheiser. HERE.

Start by opening your DAW and loading up the aforementioned plugin as well as some reverb. Then drag in an audio sample and mess with the elevation. Elevation also determines if a sound is below or above you.

The FREE 8D audio plug-in.

As fun as the term “8D” is, the audio isn’t actually 8 dimensional. In an article on Mel Magazine by Eddie Kim, he explains, “Of course, there’s no actual new recording with 8D mixes of pre-existing songs. Instead, 8D music creators are using software that can manipulate a song’s various stereo parts, placing and moving them within a virtual 360-degree space.”

Adjust the wheel on the right to change the direction the sound is coming from. Then play with the Widen knob on the bottom right and adjust to taste.

Hundreds of songs have been edited to have this special effect. Some viewers claims it makes it feel like they’re listening live.

The editing involved in this technique is best explained by YouTuber Dylan Tallchief, who runs a channel about all things audio.

Obviously, the term 8D doesn’t really mean anything to anyone because there’s no eight dimensions in audio production (that we know of). It’s simply editing stereo tracks with a reverb effect that gives the audio new qualities, like the sensation it’s actually moving around.

While some people find this form of music distracting, I find it mesmerizing, and I’m clearly not the only one. Two notable YouTube channels, 8D TUNES and Trillion – L8PROD, boast 5.4 million and 1.6 million subscribers respectively. They also aren’t the only two channels to hop on the 8D audio train, several more channels have been popping up recently with videos reaching views in the hundred thousands. Both of the channels mentioned above have ads turned on.

8D Music sounds very surreal and spatial even on the cheapest of cans. it truly lives up to the name.

So essentially, 8D is just another clickbait term that doesn’t really mean anything.

Although many pop, hip-hop, and rock songs have been remixed in this format, more ambient songs like this one tend to lend themselves best to the mixing style, creating an eerie and encapsulating environment.

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