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hyp - even grm daily

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A new rapper from Oldham has just dropped his first single t “EVEN” by HYP on GRM daily – and what a splash! He clearly has a team of people behind him. At the time of writing, the video has over 30 000 views.

hyp - even grm daily

The song itself features melodic singing over a smooth trap beat. The autotune felt off to my ears as if his vocals were tuned to the wrong key but its early days and with time, comes practice.


HYP comes from Glodwick, an area filled with Nitties, thugs and generally fucked up people with bad energy. this young man has shown restraint and recently started giving back to the community in the form of charity work and is promoting a studio that actively engages with kids of his age, showing then that drugs are not the answer, invest in yourself or you’ll end up in hell!

To summarise, its a very commendable first effort, but I’d like to see a bit more effort put into the next song. it’s a great song, albeit a little generic. This is, however, a solid foundation and if he REALLY pushes it, he might be able to get into the charts. Melodic “rap” (neither rhymes nor poetry) has been popular in honky land for a while with artists such as JUICE WRLD, IAN DIOR, Broly500 and MISLO being popular for a while now, and it’s all the rage nowadays. With J Hus in pen and Fredo giving head, someone needs to fill the gap. (No pun intended)

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  1. Hi. I have a major problem with singing-it doesn’t sound like music at all and I am sure it is because of the rhythm. I am totally out of the beats. I make the rough rhythm of the song and everyone thinks that I am perfect in rhythm but I am not. I can post my song to hear. Any tips to improve?? I go to 15 different music teachers and drummers and no one even notices my timing problems they said stupid things like I don’t put emotions and so on… but my problem is the rhythm.

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