A lyrical prodigy makes his debut

Ibby Squish: MANCHESTER’S HOTTEST NEW ARTIST? You bet your crack pope, he is!

You may have heard IBBY SQUISH more notably from his track ‘Ghetto story.’ Since his project, it seems IBBY is stepping up as he drops the ball on his latest EP slated for December release.


The Manchester MC bodies the thumping beat supplied by Nearmusicbeats with unstoppable force and laces his bars over the hi-hats and drums. A catchy hook is usually is also evident, making his music less than bangers on bangers.

ibby squish ghetto story manchesters hottest new artist?


In the wake of BASIC ASS Nursery rhymes uneducated youths, one artist stands alone, above Santan Dave, above AJ Tracey, on his own pedestal, IBBY SQUISH, Youtube Sensation, Soundcloud famous IBBY SQUISH puts Manchester on the map, now and forever.. in this article, we break down the barriers between rhythm, poetry and storytelling as we bring you the man behind the music: Ibby squish, similarly, he also has music on Spotify just like $plashious. Listen to his music


Picture the scene, it’s 2015. you’re in college. your tutor asks YOU what stuff means. Everyone knows you’re WAY TOO intelligent to be a pencil-pushing minimum wage crackhead like the rest of em, but they’re too busy smoking crack. they despise those who don’t crack, only to shatter their true feelings. they’re fearful. they’re thinking “WHO is this guy? he’s top of his class. he can stop a WAR with his smooth voice” THAT guy was Ibby squish. he’s been on his grind these past four years and now he’s ready for his OFFICIAL DEBUT.


The only way to save rap music from ending up like rock and pop music is to take it back to the rawness of storytelling over drums and a smooth bassline. Put your heart to the page, write your barz like you’re spilling your own blood on the page. This is more than an image, more the talking about some fake-ass bullshit for 3 minutes straight. half of these sniffed up potheads can’t structure a basic sentence, just flick the autotune on and start singing, never mind their engineers are incompetent too. They aren’t even in the right key.

MC’s like Ibby squish are changing that. The first time I heard ‘Ghetto Story, I was taken aback. i’d put that song in the same list as ‘Immortal technique – Dance with the devil’ and ‘Nas – I gave you power.’ ‘Ghetto Story’ really shocked and awed me, it was a true eye-opener and i CAN’T WAIT to hear what he has in store for us next!

Be sure to follow IBBY SQUISH @ibbysquish on Instagram.

You can find IBBY SQUISH’s newest songs, his hottest cyphers and his best bangers over on his YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC and GOOGLE PLAY.

What’s next for IBBY? New Album coming out in December and collaboration with $EWERSIDE dropping in December too.

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