Is there anywhere i can study music production in UK? Yes, there is!

is there anywhere i can make music in uk

Hi guys, another update from nearmusicbeats. People ask me ‘How do i learn music production?’. “Is there anywhere i can study music production’, and ‘I want to start making music but i don’t know how.”

I’m gonna try and answer those questions in this post.

Is there anywhere i can study music production?

Over the years, more and more colleges have started taking art and media seriously. Students asked “Is there anywhere i can study music production?” . Many colleges now offer music production courses and you can get a degree out of it.

Access Creative College

Access creative college is a college that specializes in teaching music, games design, drama and fine art. (Digital art and traditional art)

They have campuses all over the UK and they have various partners.

BBC, Media molecule, Rockstar games ect.

Many students there end up working for the BBC but their other partners include NVIDIA and Sony’s London game studios.


They have 2 campuses right here in Manchester, just 5 minutes from Arndale shopping center. One for games design, animation and video production. The other for music production fully kitted out with the highest end iMacs and proper vocal booths and mixing boards. You won’t get that kinda hands-on experience watching a YouTube tutorial and you CERTAINLY won’t get any dedicated support. Best of all, it’s free to sign up. You can learn more at their open day:

Do it yourself

I was self-taught music production. The advantage here is, you don’t have to commit to a course if you’re not sure. Don’t waste a year or more on something that isn’t beneficial. There are some great FREE resources, guides and tips on the web such as:

This great guide on how to get started making music

SeamlessR teaches sound design and his tutorials are easy to follow along to.

And of course, this DOPE drum kit.

Of course, even if you’re a veteran, it’s always helpful to brush up on old skills. Music is an ever changing landscape.

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