music theory – do you need it?

music theory

You don’t need music theory or any extensive piano lessons to produce beats but Your ears will decide. Knowing music theory can help but too often people limit themselves to 1 scale.1 out-of-key note can really spice up a beat. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you with scales and chords and try variations you may have not thought of already. Here’s a guide on promoting your tracks. I also have many other guides. More helpful tips ARE on the way. Consider supporting me.

Long answer: Yes. Look up something called “music producers cheat sheet” it’s a video of someone who breaks down how to make pretty nice melodies and stay within the parameters of music theory; Even if you don’t know it at all right now. Finding your own sound and style will come with time. But a good place to start is with that. The Creator who made the video is a hip hop and RnB producer , but you can apply the skills to your chosen genre. Also there’s a book called “music theory for computer musicians” that I found super helpful. That you could use more for rhythm, drums timing ect.

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