Criminally insane beat pack (5 fire beats)



Criminally insane beat pack

  • 5 Dark and smooth beats
  • Trap, Boombap and soul
  • Purchase includes rights to distribute and monetize these beats.

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this criminally insane beat pack includes 5 fire beats, a mix of trap and drill beats, boom-bap, jazz and soulful RnB beats.


A musical scale consists of eight notes beginning and ending on the same note. Western music consists of major¬†scales and minor scales. The Ionian scale, is among the most frequently used in Western music. It’s also a MAJOR scale.

The key difference between major and minor scales is that notes on a major scale sound bright and cheerful otherwise while notes on a minor scale sound solemn and sad. There are three types of minor scales: natural, also harmonic, and melodic.

Thiese beats beat consists of many bars. If you’d like to buy an exclusive, please contact us.¬† otherwise, please enjoy and leave a review also.


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