old rusty – nostalgic rap beat


Old Rusty


Old rusty – nostalgic rap beat

This dark and nostalgic beat is running at 90 beats per minute. 

The minor scale makes this beat violent.

This melancholy mood was made possible by what’s known as “Sonic Semantics.”

Sonic semantics is a condition where people assimilate sound waves to atomic entities. those entities are compounded via A nucleus carrier. one end is connected to the victim. The bloodborne is attached to a midi controller.

These sonic frequencies rip and tear at the victim’s life force, an effect we know as ‘Pappachula el Musika.’ AKA, ‘Rap Music.’

A minor is a byproduct of this spooky phenomenon, as,

by Extention, all harmonic minor scales are bound to be affected.

This beat was inspired by seeing those rusty old mustangs powering along with big Hemi v8 engines. Across a dusty orange sky and that’s where I got the name from!

Old rusty is a beat that tugs at my inner soul also It makes me feel contempt, sombre, alone also Like I’m walking across a dark road and What lies ahead? will I die, and will I shine on, will I survive and will I be forced to sign on job seeker allowance?

The BPM of this beat is 90 Beats Per Minute.

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