All sounds are custom-made,

All sounds are royalty free.

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This kit includes:

-8 high quality piano samples

-All made by me




A portion of the sale of this loop kit will go to charity.


Drum samples are as important to a song as an engine is to a car. They’re the main element that drive a song forward.

If your song has an incredible harmonic and melodic foundation but the drums aren’t working with the rest of the song, it’s just like having a Ferrari with an old engine.

It would still be a functioning Ferrari, but we can all agree that it’s just not the same!

This is especially true if you’re doing any kind of electronic/club type of music. There’s absolutely no room for slacking when it comes to drums.

This can be quite a challenge if you’re producing multiple styles of music. Your dubstep library might have amazing samples while your Hip Hop library lacks those signature punchy drums the genre is known for.

The sample pack include almost 1000 different combinations that you can utilize to create a lush and vibrant sound. You may want to pair a sample with Trap kick drums, snappy Trap snares and claps, an alternative different Trap drum loop, hi hat loops. We’ve also got some melodic Trap samples. PIANO DREAMS SAMPLE KIT!


This week for our 35th [free] Weekly Sample Pack, we’ve got thick, warm lofi Rhode Piano chords from our fellow LoFi creator Vibe The Way. Did we mention they are royalty-free? And freely available for download?!

I mentioned this before, but we’re introducing the “LoFi Lowdown” beat making series which shows creators within our community doing what they do best, creating (if you’re interested in being a part shoot me a note)!

Please share any feedback as we continue building out the future for LoFi Weekly and the packs in which we share. Download here!

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As we’re growing the community quickly, it would be great to hear from everyone what they’d like to see most. Feel free to reply to this with thoughts, requests, comments, or concerns. Let’s spread positive vibes and LoFi creations!


The AQ1 Series defines the entry into the world of the SONOR Sound – a birch shell kit, completed with a 5-piece 2000 Series hardware pack in our 2 popular configurations Stage and Studio, available in 2 classic, yet stunning high gloss lacquering finishes: Piano Black and Piano White.

The AQ1 Series has been newly designed and engineered from ground up by the SONOR team in Bad Berleburg, Germany. Designed not only visual by a new lug and badge but also acoustical by the isolating “SmartMount” that allows for significant better resonance and sustain of the 100% all birch shell rack toms. If you’re an ambitious beginner or already a SONOR enthusiast looking for the additional stage-ready drum kit – AQ1 is for you.

“With the introduction of the AQ1, our product portfolio is now complete again. According to our ‘Vision 2020’, in which SONOR focuses on the highest possible quality in particular segments, AQ1 complements and rounds out our product range from top to bottom. [This is] our offering to the ambitious beginner and to the SONOR enthusiast, who is looking for an additional stage-ready drum kit.” – Frank Boestfleisch, Sonor Product Manager.

Piano Dreams Sample kit
The Studio Kit Includes

  • 20 x 16” Bass Drum
  • 14 x 13” Floor Tom
  • 12 x 8” Tom Tom
  • 10 x 7” Tom Tom
  • 14 x 6” Snare Drum

2000 Hardware Set Includes

  • 2x Cymbal Boom Stands
  • 1x Snare Stand
  • 1x HH Stand
  • 1x Single Pedal

Please note cymbals & throne are sold separately!




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