Science -Metro boomin inspired trap beat



Science -Metro boomin inspired trap beat

Science is running at 150 beats per minute. 

The arp gives it a very scientific undertone.

This subconsciously makes you think and adds +10 hp to your brain energy.

Sonic semantics is a condition where people assimilate sound waves to atomic entities. Those entities are compounded via A nucleus carrier. One end is connected to the victim. The tail end is attached to a midi controller.

These sonic frequencies rip and tear at the victim’s life force, an effect we know as ‘DRILL music.’

DNA is a byproduct of the scientific phenomenon.

A musical scale consists of eight notes beginning and ending on the same note. Western music consists of major scales and minor scales. The Ionian scale is among the most frequently used in Western music. It’s also a MAJOR scale.

The key difference between major and minor scales is that notes on a major scale sound bright and cheerful otherwise while notes on a minor scale sound solemn and sad. There are three types of minor scales: natural, also harmonic, and melodic.

This MP3 beat consists of many bars. If you’d like to buy an exclusive, please contact us.  otherwise, please enjoy and leave a review also.



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