smooth jazz beat – barbershop qaurtet




smooth jazz beat produced by nearmusicbeats.

the BPM is 108.

This beat got it’s name from the smooth jazz beat I recorded while at the northern quarter in Manchester. I was at a poetry seminar, taking in the beautiful words of the speakers and entertainment prepared for us.

Upon arriving home, I loaded up the sample (That I created) and started chopping in my DAW of choice…

For a while, i didn’t feel anything, but as the night drew long, I gained some inspiration.

Sprinkling love, fire and tofu on my masterful soundscape brought my creation to life.. And now, i share my creation with yu.

After working my magic for hours and lovingly slaving over the beat, this masterpiece was born!

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This is a non-exclusive mp3 lease. contact me on Instagram if you need the WAV.


This smooth jazzy beat really makes me feel some kinda way. it’s got that natural aura surrounding it, it’s also a magical feeling. so nostalgic yet futuristic at the same time.

Why not check out nearmusicbeats on youtube and themusicdrips on instagram? Also, it would be nice, getting a feedback or two once in a while.


Stay uned for more.


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