We’re really excited for the return of the king of grime, Skepta!

Skepta hasn’t made a new song in a while, so we’re excited for the king’s return to form. He was a pioneer in many peoples’ eyes, mine included. If you grew up in a rough area filled with white kids and black kids, you know what i’m saying. the white shitstains of society and the black guys that smell like they haven’t showered in 3 years. Enough about the small stuff (Ouch! White guy burn!) Let’s get right into the article.

Skepta konnichua
Skepta couldn’t afford a graphics designer so he used a postage stamp instead

The first track of skepta’s ep is now live:

Currently, Skepta is slated to release a LOFI Beat Tape in collaboration with one of the BIGGEST up-and-comers of this CENTURY: Ibby Squish – and Ibby has confirmed with us that it will be released around December 08 – 10.

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