$plashious is 22-year-old hip hop producer from Rhode Island. He’s been producing beats for only a year and a half and in that time, he has grown and honed his craft exponentially. I interviewed him and this is his story. Join me as I probe and pick the brains of this professional producer.

Cover image for Splacious: neomatter EP, Instagram: @_splacious_

Beats Battling Bacteria

Tell me a bit about your personal life. What’s going on with you, as a person right now?

“I’ve been sick for 3 years now… Fighting illness so my beats are my way of escaping the present (Day.) And revisiting the past when life was perfect. And my only stressor in life was if I saved my game on pokemon. Before turning off my Gameboy.”

That’s quite inspiring. I didn’t know you were ill like that. it makes me respect you more as a person as music isn’t just an art form for you, it’s a way out! A better life, and in America, you have to pay for healthcare. So I can only imagine what stress the health bills are putting on you. Not only that but you still have to pay even if the pills aren’t working. Getting back to the simple days, I remember I was 8 and had a PSP. later on, we made a joke that PSP meant “pretty small penis”. Life was better back then. Akai MPD: A Popular and inexpensive drum machine $PLACIOUS: Heartbreak, A Lofi Jazzy beat that will have you missing an EX that doesn’t exist yet.

Inspiring past

I’m part of a producer collective called days #’d (pronounced: days numbered) and we are dropping our first tape of sorts in the coming months so stay tuned for that.

Days #d album dropping soon.
Akai MPD: A Popular and inexpensive drum machine

“i’ve always wanted to produce but never had any time. In high school i had a basic sampler app on my phone and i would make drum beats on it but that got boring so i said fuck it and stopped.

my sound selection and general feel of my beats draws inspiration from my childhood. not to be cliche or anything but i was alot happier back then.

That’s insane. I started on FL studio. I started before you but my beats are so trash compared to yours. You always choose sounds that go really well together and always make the mix sound really good whereas in my beats, I do eq the sounds and do a little stereo separation and mastering here and there but my beats don’t pop like that. It’s been a pleasure to write this article about you, Spacious and I look forward to hearing what innovations you bring to the beat-making game.

Dear readers, one of $placious songs is linked below. please show your support by checking it out!

$PLACIOUS: Heartbreak, A Lofi Jazzy beat that will have you missing an EX that doesn’t exist yet.


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