Trance Dubstep type beat is the latest dubstep headbanger by L8 Productions. The track will be availible on spotify and apple music shortly. (When they are, links will be at the bottom of the page.) You can check it out on youtube and it will be availible on my website for free shortly. Trance Dubstep type beat.

For about a year now, i’ve been working on dubstep and bassline but releases have been inconsistent due to not having the proper equiptment, but now that’s changed. This blog allows me to share with my viewers and listeners my journey as a music producer and a rapper/singer/artist/vlogger/video maker/A and R Exec because when you’re just starting out, you have to do everything yourself.

Ihope whoever reads this makes it big cos i’m not like other music producers who only try to sell you shit, i’m a kind person and that kindness extends to my personas too. That’s why i have 7 FREE PRODUCT BOX MOCKUPS and FREE DRUMKIT – Nearmusicbeats x Themusicdrip availible and if you want to contribute to my success which will contribute to your success, you can do so at the Shop.

I’m gonna make more drill tunes soon i just got a new workstation so imma make more tunes now. i’ve been inactive for a while so imma make tunes a lot more now.

L8 Productions – Trance dreams, Availible at youtube

Check out How to promote my music? or L8 and skrapping – UK Dark Ambient hiphop and support me on my instagram at: My Insta Account.

Check out and follow me on spotify.

L8Prod – Locksmith Availible on spotify

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